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What We Offer

  • Efficiency through Equipment

    With the advancement of technology, higher efficiency equipment has been introduced to the market. As GLIDE, we identify possibilities of replacing older equipment by these better technological inventions.
  • Efficiency through Renewable Energy

    In a setup where you have large numbers of equipment, it is quite important that the equipment complement each other’s performance. We are capable of designing a system in a way its performance is optimized.
  • Efficiency through Training

    Irrespective of how modernized your plant is, you cannot attain and sustain energy performance if you don’t create the appropriate culture within the organization. Raising awareness, building competencies and rehabilitating behavioural practices have always been key components in our approach.
  • Efficiency through Infrastructure

    Prevention is always better than cure! We advise our client to inculcate energy consciousness from the design stage of a facility itself. Consequently, a little or no increase in the capital cost could drastically reduce the operating costs!
  • Efficiency through Renewable Energy

    With global warming becoming one of the hot topics of the arena today, the tendency is to shift from fossil fuels to greener, replenishable energy sources. While we could give you a feasibility study in doing so, we work with collaborators on implementation projects, depending on customer demand.
  • Efficiency Validation and Certification

    Irrespective of the present status of your energy performance, our efforts could be directed in making you adhered to internationally acclaimed standards and certifications. We bring in in-house as well as collaborators’ expertise in realizing this!